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A ridge too far was placed by Derringer in 2004 but had not been found.  A quick look on Oziexplorer showed why.  It is right in the middle of the Gammon Ranges National Park with no obvious access at all.  I figured that it would be fun to have a go, so Peter Waddy, John Keves and I left Adelaide at 4:30pm on Friday 24th June 2006 for a bit of a walk some, well, trackless wilderness.

The cache is located on a hill called Prow Point.  We decided to walk in to Mainwater Pound along Mainwater Creek and climb up onto Prow Point the next day - walking out on Day 3.

The trip all went to plan, we camped in swags a bit north of Wilpena and drove to the Ranger's Station at Balcanoona.  After filling in a trip plan with the very helpful ranger and drove to Mainwater Well.  Leaving the car at 1100 we started walking in along the creek.  We didn't think that we would be able to find any water so the packs were pretty heavy (mine weighed 31kg).  We made rather slower progress than we had planned and set up camp at 4:00pm about 11km from the car.

The camp was in a great spot but very cold overnight - bottles we left out were frozen solid.  After a quick breakfast of tea and Girl Guide biscuits we set off for the cache.

There are two obvious routes to Prow Point from the pound along ridges.  The walking was very difficult because there are no tracks at all and the scrub cover is mostly very thick - if I don't see another tea tree for a while I'll be happy.  Eventually we found the hill and the plaque and took the photo's.  It was very cold and windy on the hill so we didn't stay long.  We walked back into the pound by a more direct route, and, stopping briefly to visit an echidna walked back to the camp.  The round trip was 18km on the GPS and took about 8 hours.  We were too tired to walk out at all so we camped in the same place.

We did the walk out back to the car in just over 3 hours (much lighter packs) and drove back to Adelaide to be home by 8 o'clock.

It was a fantastic adventure.



Sunrise north of Wilpena

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