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From left to right -

Andrew Bowie

It's best to dive with people who keep up to date with the latest technology.  His website can be found here.

Richard (Harry) Harris

Has run away to Vanuatu.  His very impressive website can be found here.

Joe Francese

Has a bit of a problem with wanting to pour concrete over stuff.

Steve James

TDI KISS ccr instructor extraordinaire.  His website is here





DiveOz - Australia's premiere online diving resource.  Forums, competitions, extreme underwater ironing - it's got the lot.

SeaOptics - wide range of underwater photographic equipment and helpful advice from David and Carey.

Southern Diving Centre - equipment (including a large range of fully serviced second hand gear), traning and trips.  Owned and managed by Pete Costello.

Jetsam's web site - home of the Sport and Classic KISS rebreathers and the amazing compressed gas driven baby booster



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