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Sunbeam Society


There is a little plaque at the lookout which overlooks the Star of Greece wrecksite at Port Willunga in South Australia which mentions an organization called the Sunbeam Society.

A bit of research in the State Library showed that the Sunbeam Society was established in Adelaide in the late 1800's by a Mr. DH Bottrill JP, (Known as Uncle Harry) who was a public servant.

The aim of the society was "To be helpful to children and to teach them to be helpful to one another", children who were members of the society were called nieces and nephews.

In 1907 the society had over 13,000 members and made significant donations to children's institutions like the Children's Hospital and the Queen Victoria Home for Convalescent Children at Mt Lofty.

There are some pictures of people from the Sunbeam Society at the State library website here and here (awesome hats).


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